Introduced Hand Dryers as a must-use product in India, almost 30 years ago (brand name automats). People used to say, Hand Dryers…what? Also Auto Flush, Liquid Soap Dispensers, Auto Taps, Hand Dryers, Hands Clean Station etc….Standard usage product with McDonalds, Rahejas, Colgate, etc

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Introduced Automatic Vending Machines (for tea/ coffee) way back in 1980s, subsequently introduced the Concept of Fresh Milk, Personalised Tea / Coffee Machines (brand name Hot Pot) for TEA and CHAI. Providing On-Site Tea Service to Sodexo Pass, Amway, Crompton etc.

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All the essentials (powerful filtration systems, attractive display lighting, automatic feeding systems etc) compacked in a slim, strong stainless steel frame and wall mounted with a beautiful wooden frame – all just 6 slim dresses up the walls, does not mess up the floors.

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Currently revolutionising PopCorn – the Product, Machines and Service and Checkout our Franchisee scheme. Aesthetic, customer-attractive, long-life, trouble-free machines. Big Bazaar so also INOX, PVRs & Many More is using them for all their outlets all over India.

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We define ourselves as a Total Refreshment Company. All our products & services verticals contribute to physical and mental refreshment of people in some way or the other. They fulfill the very basic necessities, of any number of people working in absolutely any type of organization. Most of our offerings are unique in many ways (and first of their type in the market when introduced) and often customised for specific requirements.