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HANDS. The most important tool of your body. You work with it, eat with it, greet others, touch tenderly, hug, defend, fight, keep others at arms length etc.

Enough reasons to keep them clean - its in your hands.


For hands to be really clean:


 Offering the

1. First soaping - rubbing hands together  for 10 - 15 seconds.
2. Then thoroughly washing clean.
3. Finally, total drying.

By following the conventional method, hands are progressively cleaned and promptly recontaminated - while taking soap you get the first batch of germs, then you open tap with dirty hands, wash and then while closing tap you touch the dirty tap again, finally, while drying hands with a cloth towel you get back a huge colony of germs/ bacteria from the often damp, previously used, smelly cloth towel.


QMATS Hands Clean Solution.

A wide range of innovatively designed products covering the full hands clean cycle which, when used as directed, ensure thorough cleaning of your hands.

Please check out product details under
various category heads.


Valuable guidelines about
 when to wash your hands in different working environments.

Restaurant, cafetaria, pharma
 units, food processing, etc.

  Offices, factories, shopping malls and
other commercial locations.

1. Before eating.
2. After using the bathroom.
3. After blowing your nose.
4. After handling garbage.
5. Before and after treating cuts.
6. After coughing/ sneezing on hands.
7. Before and after preparing food.
8. Before inserting/removing contacts.

  1. Each time you use the bathroom.
2. Before/after staff meeting, if food served.
3. After scanning newspapers/ magazines.
4. Before and after lunch.
5. After using keyboards and tools.
6. Before/after ‘meet&greet’ activity.
7. When you share office equipment like
fax machines, telephones etc.