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Why use AUTO-FLUSH at all?
     Why QMAT auto-flush?

< This is the scene in the best of toilets which
   do not have an auto flushing system. If this is
   the scene at your toilet, your customers may
   not come back again.
-Improve Hygiene
   Generally no one operates the manual  flushing
   lever so it is important that flushing takes
   place automatically every time the facility is
   used. Auto-urinal-flush ensures this happens.
-Optimal use of Water
   Therefore, it uses just enough water to flush
   clean effectively. This installation is specially
   important when limited water is available.
   The user does his job and moves on. The auto-   flush does its job and stays put.

QMAT auto-flush systems have the following
Auto-Flush Urinal
1. Smart front panel plate in thick stainless
    steel, for both flush & surface mounting units.
2. Fabricated tough with components machined
    from extruded brass.
3. In-Line water filter which is easily cleanable
   without dismantling.
For Auto-Potto
1. Body in thick, 16G stainless steel.
Common to both
1. Provision for power back-up through a
   (two-wheeler) chargeable battery for auto-
   switch-over in case of power failure; battery
   on trickle charge during regular power supply.

-Cost Effective

   Since it uses only that quantity of water which
   is minimally required, it is a least-cost solution.
   Fixed time flushings, though much cheaper in
   installation, wastes more water since flushing
   times may not coincide with the activity.
-Vandal proof
   There is nothing for the user to spoil.
-Easy installation
   Can be done by a local plumber by following

   our easy-to-follow instructions.

Auto-Potto In-Line
model AWC-IL

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