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  Why use AUTO TAPS at all ?  



1. Convenience
It is a hassle to open-tap-use-water-close-tap specially when you have to do it several times a day and often for duration of a few seconds. With auto-taps, just place hands in position-get water-withdraw-flow stops. This is often the case in kitchens- domestic or commercial.


2. Improve Hygiene
-In public facilities (in hotels, restaurants, offices etc) with many different users, no-touch-auto-start-auto-off reduces the spreading of germs/ Messiness promoting ambient cleanliness. Further, QMAT auto taps are designed to deliver water a little away from the edge of the basin so that your hands need not touch the dirty basin!

3. Conserve Water
Unlike manually operated taps that are often left running or partially turned off, even on stand-by (while soaping/shaving/brushing) auto-taps switch off automatically every time after use. This ensures that only that much water flows as is needed, saving on expense. More important, is the availability of water for your subsequent use, specially during /times of short supply.


For few seconds of use,
the tap is left running for
several minutes wasting
over 90% of water.

4. Cost-Effective

May not be so much in terms of cost of water
but certainly in terms of availability in shortage areas/time.

5. Vandal proof

Some people enjoy testing the durability of manual handles,
 which are especially vulnerable to all kind of abuses. Auto-taps have no handles and thus, are free of handle-related vandalism, problems
or repairs. All QMAT products are made tough (machined from solid brass).

6. Stylish

With QMAT’s atc model, convert your existing, even designer manual taps, to auto

7. Easy Installation

QMATs do-it-yourself kits make it very easy for your local plumber to install the unit speedily, without additional electrician help & without any hassle. The electronic control box, installed below the basin, is water-protected; the cover is made from ss to prevent rusting. They can also auto-switch-over to a battery in case of power failure. It also has a manual over-ride.

8. Prevent Messiness and Scalding Injuries

Auto-taps are ideal for children and the elderly. They prevent messiness and avoid danger of accidents. Some models of QMAT have a provision to pre-set proportion of hot/cold water mix (the maximum temperature should be set on the geyser).