ASRA Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
If you want your people to work smart or customers to buy,
you have to effectively fulfill their basic needs.
Like a terrific cup of tea-
steaming, masala maar ke or a frothy espresso coffee.
To counter the gnawing hunger pains
after bouts of intense mental and physical activities,
one needs to dig into something substantial
(aloo paratha, sandwich/ burger/ pizza, fries,
even popcorn - have you tried it with cheese flavour)?
Then let him loose:
If he is a worker watch your productivity rising sky-high;
if a customer, see your cash register ringing like crazy.

The menu below is a close example. You can choose one or more modules. More items can be added (we already have modern variations of vada/pao and samosa ready (just waiting for trade mark registration). Certain minimum offtake commitment required

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