ASRA Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Each of the above concepts were introduced for the first time...from scratch !!!

Primarily for:

*Ready Tea.
*Instant Coffee.

*Kadak Chai.
*Instant Coffee

*T-Bag Tea.
*Instant Coffee

Basic Ingredients:

Instant tea(!?), Powder milk. (Basically powder pre-mix)

Regular leaf tea, fresssh
milk, masala etc.

T-Bag tea, fresssh milk.

Service Time:

Fastest, ready in 10 seconds.

Gently brewed, not boiled, ready in 0-3 minutes.

Ready in 5 -15 seconds,

         Authentic Taste.        Tea:
             (on 0 - 5)           


4 - 5
4 - 5

4 - 5
4 - 5

Personalised Taste


One taste per batch. (1-12 cups/
batch). 2 or more batches can
be made simultaneously.

Each cup can be

Variety/ Flexibility?

Limited and that also only
if you buy multi-selection
machines. 1-pack, 1-taste.

Max variety- ginger, elaichi,
dalchini, kali mirchi
Flexibility per batch.

Variety limited to several
flavoured T-bags only.
Maximum flexibility.

Ingredients Brand

No choice. But if machine
bought, limited options.

Choose your brands.

Choose your brands.

Other items?

Only with multi-selection
models. Even then limited
to clear soup, and some
un-authentic coffees.

 even warming lunch!    


Self Service?


Can be. Operator requires minimal time.



Max making temperature:
85 degC.

Max making temperature:
99 degC.

Max making temperature:
95 degC


Automatic flushing only.
Doubtful Hygiene since
flow is thru plastic pipes,
dispensers etc which are
not easily cleanable.

Total Hygiene. User parts, all
in stainless steel (no plastic),
easily removable for thorough cleaning.

Total Hygiene. User parts,
all in stainless steel (no
plastic), easily removable
for thorough cleaning.

Raw material cost/ Tea:
cup (120 ml). Coffee:

rs 2.93 (67 cups/kg)
rs 2.78 (67 cups/kg)

rs 2.10) but Operator required,
rs 3.12) even part time.

rs 2.16
rs 3.12

Bottom Line


Ideal for-
*Button dabao, chai piyo
(Kuch bhi garam chalega).
*Low consumption. Eraatic/irregular times.
*When you cannot have an
Operator, even part-time.
Ideal for-
*when satisfaction matters.
* When you have a Peon.
(Operator), even part-time.
*When you want more than tea- great kadak chai.
*Investment pay-back within 5 months with just 20 cups per day.

Ideal for those-
*Who prefer the light T-Bag tea.
*finicky about their
 (ingredient) proportions;
 specially important/ foreign
*Confidential closed door meetings - so easy, even the boss can do it!
*Seminars, Conferences in
  5-star   hotels.
*Classy showrooms having
  value customers.