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The Plastic/Paper CUP Dispenser
Why? Whatever your method of making tea/coffee (whether
   TPOT/HOTPOT, MTC or EE (Espresso coffee maker) or
   any other (even a conventional pantry), if your need is for
   using disposable cups, whether plastic or paper,
   a neat workplace, hygienic operation and quick & efficient
   working, and an organised system, then this is the
   product for you.
Products: Two. Both in stainless steel- one closed (in
   pipe), other open (in frame).
   Models featured: CD-CL and CD-OP
   Type of Cups: Plastic or Paper. Plastic cups have a
   flange while the paper has a beading. Maximum
   diameter, between 73 to 75 mm (generally the size for
   different cups, in volume from 100ml to 150ml). Larger
   cups having bigger diameter would require a dispenser
   of bigger size.
Capacity: 100 cups.
Mounting: Generally on Wall or on Side of TPOT. With a
   Tripod, it can be kept on the Table-Top.
   Loading: Discard any mis-shapen cups, then ‘loosen’ them
   by ensuring, one by one, that they are not tight within
   one another. Take a small stack and put them in the
   dispenser from top. The cups would come to rest on the
   3 (4 in open system) screws which hold the stack at the
   flange/beading. Ensure the stack is sitting ‘loose’ on these
   holding screws. Add the balance stack till dispenser full.
   Dispensing: Simply grab a cup, firmly but without
   crushing and pull down.
   Construction: All in heavy-duty 304 stainless steel.
Specification: Dimension w x d x h(mm/in) Weight(kg)
   CD-CL   85(13) x 100(16) x 380(10) 1.8
   CD-OP   85(13) x 95(16) x 334(04) 0.8
   Tripod   150(06) x 125(05) x 225(09)
Price: INRs, FOB Mumbai + VAT
  CD-CL          CD-OP         Tripod
  Rs 2,350/-    Rs 1,900/-    Rs 370/-

Due to continuous development and upgradation, all specifications subject
to change without notice and price subject to confirmation before delivery.