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  Why use HAND DRYERS at all ?  

There are three usual methods of drying hands:
1. Cloth towels. 2. Paper tissues. 3. Hand Dryers.
Each ‘industry’ claims that their method gives the best result in terms of hygiene, carrying/ not-carrying germs/bacteria, cost effectiveness etc. It is like saying that only breakfast or lunch or dinner is the best meal! It is for the buyer (installer) to determine his criteria and determine to meet it by installing one product group exclusively or more, in combo. We are, of course, rooting for hand dryers!



An analysis of various methods of drying hands.
1. Cloth Towels. 2. Paper Tissues. 3. Hand Dryers.
> Least drying time, few seconds. > Less time (several seconds). > Max time.min 20-30 seconds.
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> Feeling of pro-active hand drying.
   Can scrub/dry hands thoroughly.
> Likewise, but hands can be
   ‘petted’ fully dry.
> Passive drying. Thorough  rubbing/   1drying possible but only if used  for   1specified minimum time.
> Each. towel used by several people;
   transfer of germs highly possible.
> Since disposable, should be germs-free. > Even if germs could ‘grow’ within dryer
   they will be killed while passing thru
   heater. Air temp at exit, 50 - 70 degC
   above ambient temperature.
   Delivers sterilised air for safe drying
> Least installation cost. > Low installation cost. > Highest installation cost. Lasts 10+ yrs!
> Highest running cost
   (Washing, replacement, stocking &
> High running cost.
   (unnecessary excessive usage.
   cost/ labour for refilling).
> Negligible running cost, saves money.
   (no labour, no filling).

> Operation - cost ratio:          10



> Requires constant attention, for
   replacement, washing, stocking etc.
   Still there can be stock-outs.
> Requires constant attention refilling,
   stocking etc. Still there can be stock-outs.
> Fit’n’Forget. Practically maintenance
   free. Available 24/7
. No stock-outs.
> Dirty surroundings due to litter. > Dirty surroundings. > Clean surroundings. Adds status.
> Dirty towels are a put-off. >Eco-damaging (tree felling). > Eco-friendly (saves trees).

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Here is a customer view-point:
If you are like me, and hate to waste time,
you will probably find those WC hot air Hand Dryers really annoying. They simply take too long. I used to go for the hand towel every time for a quick wipe and out.
       This tip is something I accidentally learned but now find a strange benefit. Always use the hot air Hand Dryer! In a busy day, I seldom relax and slow down, but now I force myself to use the hot air Hand Dryer and keep using it until every drop of moisture has gone from my hands.
       This generates a tiny break, where I relax and wait without feeling the need to rush off and be doing something more valuable. I now really enjoy this miniature break in the day. Call me strange, or try it if you dare! A friend of mine offered an alternative to this "Wipe them on your trousers!”