Taking the four jars together, this model can make a total of upto 52 cups of
the brew at one time. Keep one or more jars full of stock (water+milk only).
When Chai is needed, add sugar to taste and elaichi, masala etc for about 2
minutes (or crushed ginger for 4-5 minutes) and then add tea leaves. It would
take about 5-8 minutes to brew (stir often/ replace lid)the Chai to your desire
in terms of strength, taste, colour, aroma etc. Of course what type of tea
leaves you take would also be an important time factor; dust teas generally
take less time (they are stronger but have less flavour) while leaf teas take
longer (comparatively lighter but more flavour).

Specifications: Operates on 220 vac, single-phase, 8A. Two immersion
heaters, though one is necessary normally. Standby switch for power saving
for slack periods and allowing you to speedily return to the operational mode.
Auto water feed. Lo/No water audio-visual alarm plus auto-shut-off.
Dimensions (w x d x h, mm/in): 381(15) x 508(20) x 508(20).
Weight: approx 14 kg
Price: Rs 15,400/- ea, FOB Mumbai + VAT.

Due to continuous development and upgradation, all specifications subject
to change without notice and price subject to confirmation before delivery.


Two front jars shown without lids.
Brewing in process. It is important to
cover jars while brewing; remove lid for
stirring often. When done, just lift jar and
pour into a big jug through a sieve. Then
serve in smaller cups.