ASRA Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Each of the above concepts were introduced for the first time...from scratch !!!

For your Staff, your Customers, get kadak chai with asli swad, zyada dum and jab chahein, jaisi chahein.
You have NO Investment (our equipment), NO Labour (our full-time operator), NO Hassle
(our maintenance, our standby provision etc). Minimum offtake commitment for Tea/Coffee only;
many additional items available at lowest prices and without any minimum consumption commitment.




Why you should go for our
On-Site Tea/ Coffee etc system?
>Most managements treat tea as an item not worth bothering about. They only look at how cheap they can get it and are not concerned about its taste, easy availability, personalisation (or flexibility) and individual satisfaction. They reason that since they give it free, kuch bhi chalega! Therefore, they usually settle for vending machine tea or get the in-house (canteen) contractor to supply the same. For those managements who are comfortable by this philosophy, we suggest you do not read further.

>>Then there are managements which feel that tea is
important. Though they would like the benefits of a
superior system (they are the ones who talk about quality,
staff welfare etc), they are not willing to pay more than the
vending machine prices; to them also we respectfully
suggest not to read further.

>>>Finally, there are managements which recognize that
acchi kadak chai is the cheapest productivity tool. They
are the ones who would like to give satisfaction and are
willing to pay value-for-money prices. If they are still using
vending machines, or getting their canteen contractor to
deliver, they are probably not yet aware of our Kadak
Chai asli swad jyada dum on-site tea/coffee etc system.
To them we suggest to continue reading.

On-Site Tea/Coffee system in a
nutshell, what is it?

We establish a Tea Station(s) at your premises
exclusively for you.
*Our Equipment (therefore, No Investment by you),
*Our Operator (therefore, No Labour problem for you)
*Our Operation (therefore, No Hassle for you).
Our system delivers just the type of tea, sorry chai,
coffee etc required by your people- jab chahein, jaisi
chahein and we bill you on per-cup consumption basis.
In addition we can supply several additional items plus
a variety of packaged items like biscuits, wafers, water,
juices etc at company MRPs.
That's it!

Advantages of On-Site Tea/Coffee Service over
other methods, notably,
automatic vending machines.
1. First and foremost, the Taste. Our system gently brews the beverage the traditional way. Using tea leaves of your preferred brand (Brooke Bond, Tata, Girnar etc), using
fresh liquid milk, e.g. Amul Taza, a variety of flavouring (even more than one simul-taneously), e.g. ginger, ealichi, masala etc, we make chai, others make tea.
   Vending machines use milk powder and something known as 'instant tea' (if this tea was so great then tea companies would be selling more of this than the regular leaves/dust variety)!
2. Our tea is piping Hot almost at boiling point of water (100 DegC).
   In vending machines the maximum temperature of tea is about 85 DegC (if more, the milk powder would 'split').
3. Personalisation. People being individuals would have taste, etc preferences; only our system can fulfill this simultaneously.
   In vending machines this choice is severely limited, in fact it is practically nil.
4. Hygiene. Our machine systems are so designed that every part which comes in contact with milk, tea etc can be removed for thorough cleaning.
   In vending machines this is just not possible.
5. Each of our Tea Stations (with one full-time operator) can supply about 450-500 cups per day. For higher consumption we can set up multi-stations. Also, these can be strategically spread out to minimize staff movement and ensure faster (and therefore, hotter!) deliveries.
6. Other items. Specially Soups. Enjoy a wide variety of flavours using Knorr/ Maggie ready-to-make soups (with all the tidbits incorporated in it). Also, (Maggie) 2-minute
Noodles can be made in . . . well, two minutes.
   Vending machines can only give clear soups (since they have to pass through valves); can they give noodles?
   Besides, other packaged items like biscuits, juices etc can also be supplied at company MRPs. This is a 'bonus' service inasmuch no minimum commitment consumption is required; so your company comes across as a caring company by providing additional benefits (at no investment, no hassle and at least prices)!
7. Value-for-money Service. Besides the comprehensive nature of Service, the rates (per cup) fall as consumption increases. Starting at Rs 5.50 per cup of tea of 120ml
at lowest consumption level of 100 cups/day, the rate drops to Rs 3.75 per cup of tea of 90ml, at the highest consumption level of 250+, it is tremendous value-for-money; therefore, ‘cheaper’ than vending machines.

This service is on offer for a minimum consumption of 2,500 cups (tea and/or coffee) per month (that's 100 cups/day). For consumption exceeding 450/500 cups/day, we will put
additional Tea Stations; no limit to how many can be put up (average consumption level of all such stations will be taken).

We can start within 2/3 weeks (lead time) of receipt of the Agreement* duly approved and signed by you. (*http://www.automatsasra.com/coffee.htm).

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