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ON-SITE Tea/Coffee etc services at your premises. Kindly download this page, choose your options (by circling), sign the copy as a token of your acceptance of the terms mentioned herein and return the signed copy for our records and action.

Mail to: C13, Nandjyot Indl Estate, Andheri-Kurla Road, Safed Pul, Andheri(E) Mumbai 400072. Ph: 66973810, 66973820, 28596405. Fax: 66982624.
Service currently available in Mumbai/ Pune. Please check for other cities.

The basics of what you get:                 DATE:|||||||||||| 
*Tea leaves: Brooke Bond Red Label or equivalent.
*Instant Coffee: Sunrise/ Bru or equivalent.
*Milk: Amul Taaza/ Shakti or equivalent.
*Milk/ Water proportion: For Tea- 1 : 3. For Coffee- 1 : 2
(Our trials and experience has shown the above to be ideal.
However, the above proportion can be altered if you want with
proportionate change in cost).
*Plus, *Seasoning for Tea- adrak, elaichi, dalchini, pepper or plain
*T-Bag (Taj or equivalent) also available but for 120ml cup quantity only. Premium tea bags at extra cost.
*Sugar-Free also available but @ 50p per cup etc.
Only Tea (& Coffee), as above, comprise the total number of cups for the purpose of this chart. Because of this you get Additional Items* at very attractive prices and without any minimum quantity offtake!.


ADDITIONAL ITEMS* AVAILABLE at very attractive prices (incl tax) with no minimum quantity commitment! 1. COFFEE, Espresso, Indian ishtyle, (Classic, in FullMilk)- Rs 18/-. Cappucino/Filter- Rs 18/-. 2. HOT MILK SHAKE (Horlicks, Bourn Vita etc)- Rs 18/-. 3. SOUP (Knorr)- Rs 12/-. 4. NOODLES (Two-minute)- Rs 28/- All quantities 120ml,

except noodles which is 250ml. All served in paper/plastic disposables. 5. PLUS select packaged Biscuits/ Wafers/ Juices at company MRPs. 6. Iced Lemon Tea (200ml)- Rs 10/-. All items subject to availability and will be served during non-peak hours and against Pre-Paid-Coupons only.


01. You have no investment in equipment nor any cost or headache of their maintenance.
02. Advantage of 'Floating Rate' for you i.e. the rate applicable would be as per the slab in which that particular month's consumption falls. The average of all Tea Stations (in case of multi-locations within the same building) would be taken. Increase in raw material prices, by a minimum of 5%, would be reflected in the above rates, with due written intimation (one month) to you.
03. The minimum consumption / month / Tea Station (total number of cups of tea & coffee only), will always be 2500, irrespective of the number of holidays/ weekly offs / staff strength etc during that month.
04. Other pre-packed items like biscuits, wafers etc can be supplied at company MRPs.
05. One fully trained Operator male / female (cost included in above rates) per TEA STATION, in proper uniform. Depending upon the consumption, there could be any number of Tea Stations at one company. In case of several floors you may skip out installation on some floors to benefit from lower per-cup-rate due to a higher slab per Tea Station. We will have adequate standby equipment/ Operators to ensure uninterrupted satisfactory service.
06. No table service. All consumption at/ pick-ups from  Tea Station.
07. All service in crockery for staff and stainless steel glasses/mugs for workers. Special crockery for senior staff can be made available. If crockery etc delivered at Tea Station, our Operator will clean it.
Adequate numbers would be provided initially but breakage, losses, additional numbers etc would be shared equally between us. Service can be provided in disposable paper/ plastic cups; these can be supplied by you or by us at additional cost.
08. Your normal office hours/ weekly off would be observed. For up to 1-2 hours of OT and two Sundays (weekly holidays)/ month, service will be provided at no additional cost. Thereafter an extra day will cost Rs 200/-, an extra hour Rs 20/-.
09. A proper operating place with table/chair, secure place for storing ingredients etc would be provided to us as also access to a convenient water supply point/ washing place. Free electricity and water to be provided by you.
10. All equipment, ingredients etc always remain the property of our company at all times and we can remove, replace etc as required,


without intimation to or permission from you. However for safety reasons We request you not to allow any equipment to leave your premises without a written authorisation from our company.
11. Consumption - keeping track. (a) By coupons. (b) By entering number of cups consumed into a register and countersigned by your authorised persons daily. This job made easy by pouring beverage from our bulk jars (measured quantity) into thermal jugs prior to off-take by your serving people (c) By accepting the statement made by our operator (we have our own internal control systems). (d) Any other method you (and we) are comfortable with.
12. Quality control. We have a feedback form, to monitor / ensure quality, taste, satisfaction etc at all times. We must have these once weekly, duly filled and signed by your authorized person, otherwise it would be presumed that our service is satisfactory.
13. Billing. VAT, as applicable, extra. (a) Credit option: Invoice would be submitted by the 2nd of the following month and the payment to be made by / on last working day of the same month. This option valid only if one month's billing is kept with us as a permanent refundable deposit for the duration of this contract. (b) Prompt payment option: No deposit; the invoice would be submitted on the 2nd of the following month; payment to be made on by the following Monday of same month. Delay in payment, in either case, would attract a late payment charge @1% per wk, or part, from payment due date till payment made. LPC will be automatically included in next month's invoice.
14. This agreement would be in force till terminated by either party by giving a written notice of two months to that effect, with a lock-in period of one year, i.e. the minimum period is one year from date of start and if you discounting during this period, even with notice, you would have to pay an amount equal to one (average) week's (gross) billing for each month, or part, of the first year, short-closed. If terminated without notice (beyond lock-in period), a penalty as above, for balance notice period only, payable by the offending party.


All terms & conditions, as stated above, accepted.
Most important: Appropriate selections circled.

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