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Standard (Std) Cone approx 525ml (or 33gms of salted popcorn), used as reference in all calculations


Did you know that popcorn is among the healthiest, and tastiest, snacks around? It's a whole grain food that’s low in calories and fat and rich in carbohydrates. It is a good source of fiber. This means it takes longer to chew and makes you feel full longer. If hunger strikes and meal-time is hours away, have popcorn to stop those hunger-pangs while supplying your body with needed nutrients without spoiling your appetite!

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Do health and medical groups feel popcorn has nutritive value too?

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Popcorn can be enjoyed in its most basic form- air popped and unsalted. Or go for the regular salted. Or buttered. Devour it flavoured- from the popular cheese, tomato, chat masala, lemony etc to the more exotic flavours like mint etc. Check out popcorn-bhel and several other exciting recipes.

For Companies, Factories, Call Centres etc. Now that you know about the huge health’n’taste benefits of popcorn and how it can rejuvenate/ energise people- your most important resource, it is about time that you made popcorn an integral part of your refreshment offerings to your people. Buy our machines and do-it-yourself or ask for our rental/revenue sharing service.

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A B O U T  P O P C O R N

Do health and medical groups feel popcorn h a s  n u t r i t i v e  v a l u e  t o o ?

Popcorn is a wholesome, fun food which aids digestion by providing necessary roughage, also known as fiber. Health and medical associations regard popcorn as an excellent mealtime complement- sugar-free, fat-free and low in calories. .

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) the federal governmen ’s cancer prevention agency, suggests fiber in the diet to reduce the risk of some forms of cancer and the American Dietetic Association recommends popcorn as a high fiber snack food in heir list of “10 Great

Ways to Fiber Up!” The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research lists popcorn as a smart, low/no-sugar snack.


The American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association permit popcorn as a starch exchange on weight control diets and the Feingold Diet for hyperactive children permits popcorn because it contains no artificial additives. The experts agree. Popcorn is all-around “good” food- healthy, economical and tasty.

NOTE OF SAFETY: While popcorn is healthful and delicious snacking choice when prepared with low-fat ingredients, it is never recommen- ded for infants and toddlers, as the kernels
pose a (choking) threat to their safety (American Academy of Pediatrics).

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