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Companies which care for people and profits would recognize the importance which a clean, hygienic and healthy environment plays in getting the best out of their customers, staff and workers.

It is this belief which has led us to offer you an essential range of proven Washroom and Toilet equipments. These products allow them to totally refresh themselves speedily, conveniently, hygienically and at least (installation, maintenance and operational) costs to the management.

Besides providing total satisfaction, our product range ensures that your washroom or toilet need never smell "ugh" again even when the user (uses and) neglects them!
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Auto Flush
Urinals/ WCs

Liquid Soap Dispensers
Push Button/ Auto- Mains operated Tough, Stylish in Stainless Steel

Auto Taps
Basin/ Wall mounted Also, convert Manual to Auto

Hand Dryers Unbelievable Range Special SlideRail to make Dryer Multi - Functional-for HAIR/ HAND/ FEET Drying Hands Clean Station
All in One Soaping / Washing/ Drying
Wall Hair Dryers
Starred Hotels/Classy Homes Sheer Convenience with style
No-Issue Tissue Dispensers
Use soft, absorbent C-Fold paper
Feet Dryers
Step on Wet. Step off Dry.
Stainless Steel Dust Bins
No-Touch, No-Projection, Foot-operated
Total Refreshment Company so that - your people can work most efficiently - your customers can buy most conveniently
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