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Each of the above concepts were introduced for the first time...from scratch !!!



FOR WHOM? Following products are ideal for offices, factories, galas, shops, showrooms etc, in short, those needing simple-to-use, no-jhanjhat and economical self-operating systems. Check out our range:


The importance of Chai/Tea and Coffee.

The basic need of people whether working in a one-man office or several thousands strong-factory. India is a nation of chai drinkers, the gently-brewed-with-fresh-milk stuff fortified with elaichi, ginger, masala or just plain and simple.

India is also amongst the largest producers/exporters of tea.All the more tragic that people have to suffer the second-rate stuff dished out by automatic vending machines just because it is offered ‘free’ by several companies.

Café TPOT offers a range of products and on-site services which allow you to make/get tea/coffee just the way you want it and to meet consumption requirements from as less as 20 to 25 cups per day to no-limit on maximum quantity.

www.automatsasra.com/Price List

www.automatsasra.com/Comparison of VM> Vending Machine / MTC> Kadak Chai / TPOT> T-bag Tea & Instant Coffee systems. Now check out the details of our range of products/services mentioned below to find how much better, satisfying and value-for-money they are!


www.automatsasra.com/TPOT > > Ideal for making tea-bag Tea / instant Coffee.

www.automatsasra.com/MTC > > Ideal for making brewed Chai, soups, instant noodles, steamed corn, peas etc.

>>>www.automatsasra.com/MTC Bank


www.automatsasra.com/EEFC >> Ideal for making Espresso coffee Indianishtyle), Filter and range of coffees like cappucino, mocha etc.

www.automatsasra.com/CupDispenser >> Ideal to use along with any of the three products mentioned above.

www.automatsasra.com/TrayRack >> Whatever your method of making tea/coffee, whether TPOT, MTC or EEFC or any other, for neat work place, hygienic operation and quick and efficient working, some organized system is required. This is the role fulfilled by the TrayRack.











www.automatsasra.com/ON-SITE TEA / COFFEE SERVICE & Onsite Agreement

Ideal for all offices,factories etc having a minimum requirement of 100 cups per day, maximum quantity- no limit. You have No Investment (our equipments), No Hassles (we do everything), Our Operator (full time); you pay only for the number of cups, jab chahein, jaisi chahein, consumed.

www.automatsasra.com/Café T-POT...

etc, in terms of ambience, style, hygiene, presentation etc. Café TPOT is better in terms of more items, including the hugely popular ones like vada/pao, samosa, pao/bhaji etc, personalised variation in tastes, usage of a variety of brands (Nescafe coffee, Amul milk, Brooke Bond tea, Britannia bread etc). All this freshly made, at sensible prices (obviously lower) and with asli swad jyada dum.

Caf é TPOT can be customised for operation in Companies,Call Centres, Factories, Shopping Malls, School/College canteens and even for Franchisees in select areas having diverse customer profile.

Café TPOT offers several variations/ options within the following main product-groups:

(1) Hot beverages- Tea, Chai (with adrak, elaichi, dalchini etc), full range of Coffees- instant, filter, Cappucino, etc, Hot milk shakes (Horlicks, Boost etc). Also, Soups, 2-minute Noodles, steamed corn, peas etc.

(2) Snack items- vada/pao, samosas, pao/bhaji, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, fries, stuffed parathas etc.

(3) Cold beverages- freshly made iced tea, cold coffee, lassi.

(4) Popcorn- wide range of salted and flavoured, in individual cones and party packs.

Total Refreshment Company so that - your people can work most efficiently - your customers can buy most conveniently