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Description: Pull-Out C-shaped tissue papers.
Model: TD-E
Fabrications: Fully in thick, 16G stainless for that straightness
   and high quality mirror finish. Matt finish also available.
Ideal Locations:  For all locations where people prefer a personalised

approach to wiping hands. Since you cannot prevent littering you can
 at least contain it. It is, therefore,  recommended that you place a QMAT Auto-Waste Bin around to maintain a high level of ambient cleanliness. For classy Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals etc.

a) Configuration: Front lid opens to allow stacking requisite

number of c-shaped tissues, folded portion facing down, into
unit. (The fold ‘opens’ out for easy pulling by user). Push back
the cover and it snaps fit due to the dead weight locking pin.

b) Model Dimensions mm/(inches):                  Weight (kg)
    TD-E     252(10)w x 104(4)d x 381(15.0)h         4.5
    TD-C     252(10)w x 104(4)d x 191( 7.5)h         2.5
c) Tissue paper: Use C-fold, 1- or 2-ply tissue paper but it

should be of absorbent material yet crisp’n’strong to allow easy 
pull-out without tearing. Size (mm/inches): 204(8) x 76(3)

Special Features:

Proper design to allow tissue to split ‘open’ for easy holding
and pulling out by user.

Price: INR, fob Mumbai + VAT.
Model:           SS (Mirror finish)                   SS (Matt finish)
TD-E              Rs 3,970/-                             Rs 3,673/-
TD-C                 Rs 2,782/-                             Rs 2,485/-
Tissue Paper   1-ply      2-ply:
Pack of 100      on request

Dispensing View
Far Right:
The slim, Side View

Due to continuous development and
upgradation, all specifications subject
to change without notice and price
subject to confirmation before delivery.