The basic need of people whether working in a one-man office or several thousands strong-factory. India is a nation of chai drinkers, the gently-brewed-with-fresh-milk stuff fortified with elaichi, ginger, masala or just plain and simple. India is also amongst the largest producers/exporters of tea. All the more tragic that people have to suffer the second-rate stuff dished out by automatic vending machines just because it is offered ‘free’ by several companies. Café TPOT offers a range of products and on-site services which allow you to make/get tea/coffee just the way you want it and to meet consumption requirements from as less as 20 to 25 cups per day to no-limit on maximum quantity.



For unbelievably dumdaar fresh-Milk KTBT (KadakTeaBagTea)

  • Total taste.
  • Total satisfaction.
  • Personalisation.
  • Piping hot.
  • Total hygiene.
  • Great variety.
  • Your choice of ingredients.
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Accessories available for T-Pot

  • Hot air cups/mugs pre-warmer
  • Cup dispenser
  • Plug-in hot plate
  • Tbag-pack/sachet stacker
  • Stainless steel tray racks
  • Tpot trolley
Cup Dispensers

Creative engineering to ensure one cup at a time every time.

  • Wall mounted (closed-type)
  • Table mounted (Closed & Open-type)
  • Machine mounted (Open-type)

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