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What is the TrayRack?
   -the serving crockery Organiser!
   Whatever your method of making tea/coffee
   (whether TPOT/HOTPOT, MTC or EE (Espresso
   coffee maker) or any other, for neat workplace,
   hygienic operation and quick & efficient working,
   some organised system is required. This is the
   role fulfilled by the TrayRack. It is a vertical stack
   of self-supported, feather-touch slide-frames which
   come out fully, without falling off, allowing you to
   lift/place the trays easily. The photo-feature is

The TrayRack broadly consists of three parts:
1. Base Rack (BR): Consists of one ingredients-
   drawer and two slide-frames with two stainless
   steel trays. For low capacity, only BR could be OK.
   You can mount Top Rack or Inter Rack on top.
2. Top Rack (TR): This rack has only one fixed-
   frame with one stainless steel tray. It can be
   mounted on the Base Rack or Inter Racks but no
   other rack can be mounted on top of it; it will be
   always on the top.
3. Inter Racks (IR): These can be mounted on top
   of the Base Rack or other Inter Racks. Each has
   one slide-frame and one stainless steel tray. Add
   as many as required/ you are comfortable with.
   (Mugs etc are to show use of product, not a part
   of standard supply).
Construction: All in heavy-duty 304 stainless steel.
  Specification:   Dimension w x d x h                  Weight
                               mm(inches)                              kg
Base Rack     330(13) x 406(16) x 260(10.25)          7.5
Top Rack       330(13) x 406(16) x 102(04.00)          0.9
Inter Rack     330(13) x 406(16) x 133(05.25)          1.2
Price: INRs, FOB Mumbai + VAT
  Base Rack       Top Rack         Inter Rack
  Rs 4,420/-       Rs 694/-          Rs 1,900/-


A TrayRack in use next to
an MTC (It could also be
next to TPOT / EEFC).

A TrayRack showing
Bottom Rack (BR)
loaded with ingredients.

Slide Frame of Base Rack
in full out position.

Slide Frame of InterRack1
in full out position.

Slide Frame of InterRack2
full out. (If it was TopRack,
the ‘slide’-frame would be
fixed and will not slide out)

Service Tray being
removed from/placed in Slide Frame.

InterRack being mounted on

Another InterRack being
mounted on an existing
InterRack. You may
mount a TopRack on top.