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Feng Shui


*Aquariums amplify the energy in any space and attract more wealth Chi.

*Aquariums are auspicious
- a perfect balance of all 5 feng shui elements:
Water, Wood, Metal, Earth & Fire.

*The best area is
(Wealth and Abundance)
followed by
North / East
(Career / Health and Family)

*Never place an aquarium in
your bedroom, or in your kitchen,

*The most famous feng shui wealth fish is the arrowana.
Just as effective are
the koi, or gold fish.

*As with any feng shui cure,
keep it fresh,
keep it beautiful,
send it good energy/ good thoughts
and do not forget to
take good care of it!

*Spending some time with your aquarium, enjoying it and taking good care of it, will strengthen its energy
as a feng shui wealth cure.

Health Benefits


Do you have a stressful life,
high blood pressure, insomnia?
Aquarium may be good therapy for you.
Gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress
and subsequently lowers blood pressure.

Multitude of Benefits for:
significant reduction in blood pressure.

>Children- calming those suffering
from hyperactivity disorder.

>Dental patients- experience same or
greater benefit than hypnosis and
require less pain medication.

It's little wonder that physician offices,
dental clinics, and even counselors have
traditionally kept an aquarium
in the waiting room.

Alzheimer's patients experience
a variety of health benefits;
they eat more, require fewer supplements and exhibit less
physically aggressive behaviors.

Fish Fish Anywhere
Virtually any aquarium will have a benefit.
A large aquarium is great,
but if space is limited,
a mini-aquarium will do.
What better way to spend your lunch break
than gazing at fish?



Now a days majority of the houses / flats
are not constructed with correct Vaastu,
resulting in a major loss to the owners.
To derive best financial benefits,
keeping aquarium
is one of the best remedies.

To drive away the evil effects and
enhance good luck in the house,
Aquarium is one of the best ways.

An aquarium consists of nine fishes
out of which eight are gold or red fish
and one should be black.

Even if fish dies, you need not worry; the
bad elements are going out of your house.
Replace the same again.

Please do remember that an aquarium
should not be kept any where in the house
except in the main hall and the best direction
is East or North.

Now you will find the change gradually.


The above information is culled from various internet sources and is being presented here as a rough guide; our company is not responsible
for the accuracy, or otherwise, of information quoted above.
Source details available on request.