ASRA Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Each of the above concepts were introduced for the first time...from scratch !!!

Conventional aquariums are old hat!
Aquariums are a rage - everywhere.
Fishes promote a great feeling of peace & serenity.
Besides, according to vaastu, feng-shui etc,
having fish on the premises is considered
to be positively lucky.
Get a new hat . . . today!

Ideal for:
Homes, Hotels/Restaurants,
Offices/Factories, Clubs/Resorts,
Malls/Showrooms/Shops, Hospitals/
Clinics, Schools/Colleges etc.
Where do U fit in?
Buy It or Rent It - just get it!

In a SHOWROOM, model W7030 Another SHOWROOM, W6030 In a CLUB,model W5030
At HOME, model W4626 At HOME, model W3323 In OFFICE, W2333

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