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Model: WHHDss (Wall mounted Hair-cum-Hand and Feet Dryer)
   Ideal Locations: Starred, class hotels (each room). Better homes.
   USP of this brand: Hair should be dried in lo-flo, lo-temp air stream
   to minimise damage to hair and scalp. To ensure this, our brand has
   controlled-heat, enough air-flow and a special temperature-resistant
   rubber hose to sustain long, leisurely, gentle & safe hair drying. A
   truly multi-functional, yet durable, dryer, perhaps in the whole world.
   Usage: As Hair Dryer. One-finger shift air-outlet to use as Hand Dryer.
   Cover: Fibreglass body with full mirror or Stainless Steel body, mirror
   finish (so you don't need separate mirror). Ideal dressing table/
   wash-basin accessory.
Construction: Fibreglass Body, normally painted pearl white (other
   colours on request). Air Delivery Gun (ADG) made from Teak Wood-
   for Safety & Style. Internal items in powder-coated steel.
a) Configuration: Downward air delivery. Flick for Hand/ Hair drying.
b) Hands Drying Time: average 30 seconds.
c) Hair Drying Time: 1- several minutes, depending.
d) Air Speed/Quantity: 20 m/sec; 10 litres/sec.
                with ADG: 17 m/sec; 8 litres/sec
e) Temperature rise over ambient: For hand drying:100 degC.
                For safe hair drying: 70 degC
f) Sound Level: About 75 db at 12 from unit.
g) Dimensions mm/(inches): 197(7.8)d x 114(4.5)w x 279(11)h
h) Mounting height mm/in: (floor to dryer bottom) Women- 990/39.
i) Weight (kg): nett 5.90
j) Power: 220VAC, 60cps, 1-phase 5.5-A, rating-1210 watts.
Special Features:
  Temperature-Safe: Auto-switch-off if motor jam or overheating.
  Time-Safe: Auto-Shut-off after pre-set duration of use. To continue,
  withdraw hands/ reposition ADG and restart.
Price: INR, fob Mumbai + VAT. Cover in:
   Model      Fibreglass.     SS (Mirror finish).
   WHDg      Rs 5,485/-     Rs 7,336/-
   WHDss     Rs 6,850/-     Rs 8,722/-
   WHHDss   Rs 8,470/-     Rs 9,991/-

Due to continuous development and upgradation, all specifications subject  to change without notice and price subject to confirmation before delivery.


Comparison with a typical, normal, imported (foreign) wall hair dryer:
Usage: As a Hair Dryer only
Frontal: Usual plastic finish
   *Regular plastic body.  *Plastic Nozzle
   *Nice looking hose pipe, cannot stand
     long usage
Dimensions (mm): Main Body-
   160W x 290H x 100mmD
   Nice, sleek design
Air Flow: Terrific
Electricals: 220VAC, 1-phase,
   5A (1150 watts)